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LED walls

LED walls are the only solution for events, during daytime screenings with bright light conditions. These equipments can be familiar from giant concerts (T-Mobile concert), festivals (Sziget Festival), sport events...

Next to its “ordinary” usage at outdoor events, they are also an efficient marketing tool for communication in public places. Increasingly popular they “giant city billboard” and sport perimeter display function.   

LED walls - Modular - In- And Out Door

LED walls consists of modules, on these modules the pixels are created of high brightness LEDs.    

The modules can be combined differently, individually (LED wall, LED banner, column, etc.)
The input signal can be: video or PC signal.
Input signal sources: camera, video casette player, DVD, satelite or TV antenna, or any other video signal, PC signal.

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As a full-service meeting and event management company, Balaji Media Works understands that each client has a unique goal for their meeting or event. Determining the right STRATEGY for each organization is crucial for the foundation of a successful meeting or event. Only from there can a detailed action plan be conceptualized and the proper SOLUTIONS effectively implemented.

We understand that each client measures the return on investment of their event based on different outcomes and results. Our competitive edge comes from recognizing and understanding the end goal and executing a fully developed game plan for SUCCESS.

High brightness LED displays of giant outdoor events.

We recommend these modern intelligent LED technology display systems, developed especially for outdoor bright light conditions, assuring an excellent picture quality LED walls (videowalls) mainly for mass outdoor events. 

These video walls can be used indoor or outdoor. The installation term of these equipments depend on the size of the surface and the method of the installation.